Sticky Holsters LG Guard Her Belt


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Mfg Part Number:858426004528 Manufacturer: Sticky Holsters

Sticky Holsters Guard Her Belt LG

The Sticky Guard-Her-Belt is an improved design over other garter style holsters. Our modular designed Guard-Her-Belt works in conjunction with a Sticky Holster providing versatility and stability. We used an extremely comfortable soft plush, industrial strength elastic. The plush is on both sides to eliminate any chaffing or discomfort. The “STICKY” patches on the inside remove the need for any additional clips or straps to hold it in place. The Guard-Her-Belt also includes two accessory pouches for an additional magazine or knife. 20”-31” Overall length is 25”. 

*Actual measurement, not waist size*

*Standalone Sticky Holster Required*

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